Set It,
Forget It.

Social Silence works silently in the background without disturbing you.

It will automatically remove the restrictions after a pre-set time, and will let you know about it.

Now Browsing is Faster & Safer

Be relaxed about your and your loved ones online security.

Choose to set your computer DNS to OpenDNS the world's largest Internet Security Network, and experience a safer and faster browsing.

Tried and Tested Technology

Rest assured about your computer health.

Social Silence uses host files to prevent user from accessing social sites. Thus none of other system setting is played with and is completely harmless to your computer.

Available in 11 Languages

Social Silence is Available in 11 Different Languages.

To know if your native language is supported or not, or to suggest corrections in currently supported languages, please click on below link.

A Child's Play, Literally

With easy to use interface, application can be started and be done with under 2 min.

The application's interface has been designed to be operated by all age groups. So your children as well as the elderly can operate it with ease.

Completely Customizable

Social Silence is completely customizable as per user requirement.

From the sites that are to be blocked to ads and pop-up blocking, time and DNS is customizable by user.