Social Silence for Windows

Made by the Internet User’s, for the Internet User's.

By downloading this application you are taking one step to experience better internet, and one small step to be Social Silent. We hope your endeavor to get the best of your time will bear best of results for you. But, before you download and install the application on your system, please go through the list of minimum system requirement that is needed by this application to work on your system.

Minimum System Requirement

Any of the following operating system running : Windows 8 , Windows 7.

Available system memory : 5MB or higher.

Dot Net Framework: 4.5 or higher.

If you are a Windows 8 user, .Net 4.5 is already installed on your system. If you are a Windows 7 user, while installation the application will check for .Net Framework on your system, and install it if unavailable.

Administrative rights to the system

If you don’t have administrative rights for the system, please ask your system administrator to provide you so.